Intellectual property

Intellectual property

Trademarks, Designs and Patents, Copyrights and protection of creations, legalization and protection of Apps, IP Legal and strategy development.

  •  TRADEMARKS, DESIGNS AND PATENTS:National and International trademark, designs and patents portfolio management; surveillance of rights; preparation, presentation and prosecution of applications; maintenance of rights; transfers; viability reports; oppositions; reply to official actions, handling appeals and negotiations.
  • COPYRIGHT AND PROTECTION OF CREATIONS: Strategy development of IP rights; Counseling, preparation and fillings at RPI, image rights, copyrights, performing arts, publishing, etc. .; negotiations with the Intellectual property rights management entities, legalization and obtaining ISBN,computer programs and database protection and registration.
  • APPS: Advisory and development of strategies for the protection of computer and mobile applications (apps); legalization; negotiations and preparation of agreements with developers.
  • LEGAL: negotiation and preparation of agreements, national and international court proceedings; valuations; IP & IT audit reports (due diligence).
  • DEVELOPMENT OF STRATEGIES: for the protection of intellectual property rights.
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