Legal advice and proceedings

  • Penalties and disciplinary dismissals.
  • Termination of contracts due to objective reasons.
  • Proceedings for Employment restructuring and alteration of existing working conditions
  • Social Security and Labor Administration (“Inspección de Trabajo”) legal proceedings.

Payroll and personnel management

  • Calculation of Payroll and Social Security contributions.
  • Adaptation of salaries to Collective Agreements and/or individual agreements.
  • Calculation and settlement procedures for arrears contributions.
  • Personnel Management: Drawing up and submission of work contracts, registers, amendments and deregisters to Social Security. Electronic processing system for registering and deregistering to the INSS and /or to the Mutual Insurance Company. Tax withholdings on Income Tax submission and its certificates.
  • Legal advice on personnel management.
  • Personnel management checking. Payroll Due diligence.

Social Security and  pension systems

  • Legal defense and judicial proceedings on SS matters.
  • Advice and processing for disabilities and pensions.
  • Studies related to insurance social systems.

Human Resources and Occupational Hazard Prevention

  • Our firm has agreements with important consultancy firms in the scope of selection and organization of personnel as well as in the Occupational Hazard Prevention.
  • Legal studies, preventive advice, and proceedings before Labor Administration and Courts in terms of Occupational Hazard Prevention and Work Accidents.
  • Technical advice on options for personnel restructurings and realignment processes.
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